Monday, April 4, 2011

Interviews and being lost

I had a job interview today.

I've been debating whether or not to blog about this, because I've become exponentially superstitious over the years (maybe just a littlestitious) and am somewhat convinced that if I talk about things or become too excited about them they will not happen. BUT...I feel like talking about it.

I always get a bit nervous for interviews because I want to show that I am excited about the position as well as seeming professional, and I feel like this nervous-ness shows through sometimes and becomes my downfall. However, this was by far the most unique interview I have ever had. It was less like an interview and more like I was just talking to some really cool people about a job that they genuinely like. It was so laid back, possibly because they were really busy trying to catch up on stuff while we were having the interview, and we just had a genuine conversation about what I would be doing and what they deal with every day. They were so down to earth and real about the position, saying stuff like they all come from different backgrounds and they could easily be in a different field of work with possibly better pay, but they stick around because they like the job. One of the interviewers also told me that they may have someone transferring in, and if that were the case the job would be given to them. You would think something like that would piss me off a little bit, but I was honestly impressed that she was so honest about it. A lot of potential-employers wouldn't have said something like that, but I'm glad she did because it shows a kind of honesty that I like in people. I talked freely about the job that I have now and what kind of stuff I do there, which is something that often happens in interviews, but I felt much more comfortable talking about it this time because it wasn't so formal. I didn't feel like I was being quizzed and I didn't feel like I was somehow failing at impressing them like I normally do. Long story short, I think I would really like it there.

After the interview I called my mom and my boss to discuss things and let them know what was going on ect. before trying to leave. Something you should know about me, I get really nervous about directions to places I've never been. I'd only been to this place a few times a really long time ago, so I left early in order to get there on time, and it went rather smoothly. My phone comes with a google maps app, so it gave me the quickest route from my apartment. Now, what I should have done when leaving was just follow the route I came to get back home. However, when I reversed the directions, it had a different route back. I figured since I had the directions in front of me, I would just try it. This is the LAST time I do that, because I ended up in a creepy side of town I've never been.

I somehow missed a turn that was immediately after another turn because the road wasn't marked. When trying to find my way back, I still couldn't find the road and I'm halfway convinced that it wasn't actually there, because I turned onto a road that SHOULD have been the road I was looking for, and it took me somewhere completely different. I kept looking down at my phone in horror as the tiny blue dot that represented me floated further and further away from where I was supposed to be. I tried to find my way back again and ended up on yet another road that I had never seen before. Finally my phone started giving me directions to try to get me back on track, and gave me another road that didn't exist in that location, as there was a metal building where the road should have been. After pulling over about six times in equally creepy areas with people staring at me like I shouldn't be there, I finally stopped following the directions it gave me and looked at the map in order to figure out where I was. I eventually found myself downtown around familiar landmarks after 20 minutes of wasted gas and a sore throat from screaming at invisible roads.

Good times.

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  1. Oh, wow... well that made a great morning go weird in a hurry!