Saturday, April 2, 2011

Because I need more things to keep up with on the internet

So here I am...creating a new blog.

Why would I do that when I've already created other blogs, you ask?

I will tell you, dear reader.

I currently started writing in my livejournal again, but that is full of private information I'd rather not share with a ton of people. I haven't used my Xanga in years, and I'm not even sure I know what my password is. I have a Tumblr that I update extensively, but I mostly use it for reblogging pictures I find entertaining or alluring. All that being said, I think I need a proper blog. A blog that can be somewhat professional and public for anyone who wants to find out information about me. I don't want to sound pretentious when I say this (I realize that is difficult to achieve through text, as text can't really have a tone), but I've recently realized that more people pay attention to what I do on the internet than I originally thought. My Facebook is now pretty private, but I am involved in a lot of social media sites that continue to expose my content to more and more people. I'm also exploring different ways to earn money online and "get my name out there," so to speak.

Basically, I'm going to use this to interact with people who want to interact with me for whatever reason. I'm also planning to use this blog to document my big-ish life adventures when EVER they may happen, as nothing very big-ish or interesting has happened of late. Just a lot of internal conflictions about what to do with my life.

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