Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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lilith was created before eve from the same soil as adam to be his wife 

she refused to lay beneath him, wishing to be his equal, only willing to have sex with him if she was on his side or on top 

adam tried to force her to have sex with him the way he wanted, so she left him and became a demon…

…go off 

i mean we could talk about how lilith was a badass who’d rather be a demon than be subservient to a man or we could talk about the allegory here where a woman who demands agency is LITERALLY demonized… or the reality that this story means that the first man in the bible (or the first man ever, if you subscribe to that) was a rapist! great start, boys

this is so important. 

I wonder how different shit would be if Adam attempting to rape Lilith was the “original sin” instead of Eve eating the apple. 

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